Welcome to Mabui – a new approach to app building…

  • Mabui is a truly DIY no-code app building solution
  • No sign-up – use your existing or new Google account to get started straight away
  • No need for a PC – install the Mabui app, then build and publish your own apps on your mobile device.
  • Completely free with Google ads, or ad-free for a tiny in-app purchase (less than a cup of coffee, even a really cheap one).
  • Mabui uses a novel “inside-out” build approach providing instant engagement with your app – simply switch between design and live mode
  • Create apps just for yourself, or for a network of customers or users
  • All apps built with Mabui are 100% portable and shareable by email or social media
  • Create personal, private network, public network, or template apps for others to use
  • Powerful content and user databases
  • Instant deployment and updates without app stores
  • Apps are “real”, running native code for optimum performance, device integration and off-line ability
  • Install apps directly from emails or download links

We believe Mabui is so simple to use that any conscious being can create and publish an app (although we have only tested with humans to date…) mehr informationen.

We hope you install the free Mabui App Builder for Android from Google Play soon!

Android app on Google Play

The Mabui Client App

The Mabui Client app is the core product for our shareable, portable app concept. Once installed on your mobile device, the Mabui Client allows you to:

  • Use the studio to build and publish new Mabui apps.
  • Install and run public and template Mabui apps
  • Run Mabui apps directly from email attachments

About us

Mabui is the result of an intensive research and development project by a UK based, once sane, IT professional, who has put his successful 25 year career on hold in order to create something completely new.

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Get The App

Mabui portable shareable apps are based on a well established database technology which can be integrated with all mobile and web platforms.

The concept is therefore inherently cross-platform, and device compatibility depends only on the existence of a Mabui client app for the relevant platform.

For example a Mabui app built on an Android device can be instantly deployed to users on Android and iOS devices, without being published to either the Google or Apple app store.

Currently Android is the only platform supported, but an iOS version is in the pipeline, with a web app version to follow.

Android Beta Test

Follow the link below to get the Mabui Beta test client app for Android.

Android app on Google Play

Please contact support@mabui.co.uk with any issues or queries and we will do all we can to help you or fix your problem. We are updating the app several times a week as the Beta test flushes out bugs, so the more feedback we get the better.


If you would like to use Mabui on your Apple devices please register your interest here and we will keep you updated on progress.

If you are a UK based iOS developer and would like to get involved in building the Mabui client for Apple devices, we need to talk to you now! Please take a moment to send us a message with the form below (select the developer option).

I would like to:
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We’d love to hear from you! If you have a question about:

  • What Mabui can do for you, your business, or your organisation
  • Getting involved in the Mabui project as a developer, marketer or investor
  • Anything else that’s on your mind…

Just fill in the simple form below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.