About us

Mabui is the result of an intensive research and development project by a UK based, once sane, IT professional, who has put his successful 25 year career on hold in order to create something completely new.

Let’s just call him F for now, because he takes his privacy very seriously in the age of Facebook and Twitter.

In fact it was talking to friends concerned about digital privacy, trolling, fake news and vulnerability to cyber-crime, that steered Mabui from a single to a multi user model, creating a new kind of mobile network without potential intrusion from the large social platforms.

Any group or community of people, a family or school for example, would be able to create and maintain their own private network apps, and retain total control over user access to a ‘safe space’ in their mobile devices.

Furthermore, with automatic user enrollment, a Mabui app could also be opened up as a public (but still isolated) network, controlled by its creator(s) – ideal for small businesses, local communities and events or or pop-ups.

To get back to the subject of F, he’s certain that what he has built is way more interesting than he is but, if you really want to know more about him, you can always head over to LinkedIn