How can I access my studio apps on another device?

You can transfer your studio apps to other devices using the sync icon on the main screen as follows.

1. Click sync, then select “Upload studio” on device 1 – this copies your data to your Google Drive
2. On device 2, make sure Mabui is registered with the same Google account as device 1.
3. Click sync on device 2 and select “Replace local studio”. Your studio data will be downloaded to device 2.

If you do this, please remember that it is in essence a manual backup and restore process where the studio data on your device is overwritten rather than merged (please note this is different from published apps that do automatically merge their data across multiple devices). Care is therefore required to make sure you don’t overwrite valuable studio data.

Mabui does compare the dates of the data on GDrive and your device and tell you which is most recent but otherwise managing this is up to the user.

However, if you go into the Google Drive settings from the main Mabui screen (triangular icon), there are two levels of automation available for this process.

1. “Sync studio on multiple devices” – if checked, every time Mabui is started it will check for a more recent version of your studio on GDrive and give you the option to download it to the device, or alternatively prompt you to upload your local data if that is more recent. If the dates match there is no action offered.

2. “Automatically sync latest studio” – if checked this will do the upload or download automatically whenever Mabui is opened or closed.

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